Marion Ott as your Miami Real Estate partner


Miami is a unique Real Estate environment; the market and where we are in the current cycle are among my favorite subjects to discuss. Miami and Florida are quite different from other locations in the US, and very popular worldwide. Our Real Estate market and economy follow patterns that are distinct to here. We are there for you, to help you understand those differences and where we stand in the current Real Estate cycle. Our analysis of market conditions can locate those profitable niches for your investment.


We serve the entire Miami area. Our areas of expertise are from South Beach up to Hollywood between Ocean and Intracoastal and along the Biscayne Boulevard Corridor from Brickell Avenue up to Aventura. We are more familiar with those markets than anyone and can offer you the perfect home or investment property tailor-made to your personal preferences or investment goals.


Proper planning can be challenging, especially if you are considering downsizing to a smaller home or selling your properties. We inform you, helping to ensure you meet important deadlines in reference to Capital Gains Taxes or other Tax credits applicable to you and answering any questions you might have. If you are an investor, we guide you through your 1031 exchange options, financing options, upgrades to your property and other future planning. When it comes to your Real Estate assets, proper planning is essential.


We guide you thru the entire Real Estate Transaction and coordinate from beginning to end. We advise you with our expertise on the best purchase options and give you directions on the best property search engines. Being there for you 24/7 with all the questions you might have in reference to inspections, condo approval, mortgage options, how to take title and many other aspects that could be part of a Real Estate purchase. Our extensive network of service provider will be there for you whenever you need them.


We will prepare a market analysis and discuss the past sales in detail. We are taking every detail about your property into consideration and provide you with a customized marketing plan. Always using the latest technology and marketing tools to give your property the best exposure nationwide and internationally. The goal is always to get you the highest price with the best possible terms. We constantly stay in touch and always communicate the progress with you.


There are many investment options available to you, we look closely at what you are trying to accomplish. Considerations include annual growth rate, rental income and a positive cash flow, value added option; whether you are interested in a multi-family or office building or a residential investment like a house or condo. We are your partner, and together we will evaluate the best property options for you. We always have answers, and lucrative investment options for you to consider.


If you are a foreign citizen and would like to invest in the Miami Real Estate market, there are important choices to navigate when buying or selling in Florida. From how to take title to the property, whether an LLC or a FL Corp is the better option, or any other entity. Differences in taxes, acquisitions, transaction details, and even cultural differences. Some details apply only to foreign nationals, and not to US citizens. We support you with all these aspects, from beginning to end and even after the purchase.


Our network is a valued ally when it comes to investing in Real Estate. We always know the right person to guide you in the right direction, so that no questions go unanswered. Together, we are always prepared for any challenges that could appear when selling or buying, to ensure your transaction is smooth and pleasant.



Let us do the work while you relax in the sun and enjoy the Florida lifestyle. Everything will be handled efficiently and professionally, with minimal inconvenience for you. We know your time is valuable and we totally respect this. Having the right partner on your side that will always put your interest first with superb negotiation skills is priceless.

We look forward to working with you!